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Our Core Values & Why Our Members Trust OptOutUK


We only ask for the information companies require to make these requests, nothing more.

You are free to use our website without entering your personal information and go directly to the data brokers removal request page by using the optout directory. However not everyone in the Direct Marketing Industry makes it that easy for you.

Dell is one such organisation that provides a removal request page and you can find hundreds more in the optout directory. 

We’ll need to know who you are and record your consent before we can make requests on your behalf. That information is encrypted according to industry best practices and will never be sold, shared with third parties or otherwise distributed for marketing purposes. 


Your personal details are all over the internet and in data broker databases - but do you know where? has been aggregating Privacy Policy opt-outs from the top data brokers and around the internet and the Direct Marketing Industry, building a database of companies that has grown for almost 20 YearsVerify here 

We pull those companies into a dashboard for users to select companies for opt-out. Then, we submit those requests on behalf of the user. We monitor the requests, and if a company hasn’t confirmed removal, we follow up. It’s all hands-off — you don’t have to do anything. 

Data Security

The Security & Safety of your data is our priority.

We force SSL across the entire site, which increases security and reduces the risk of a breach on our end. We encrypt all databases according to cybersecurity best practices. We never sell user data. We use a third-party billing system that tokenises payment information.

GDPR Compliance 

Naturally, our data handling processes are compliant with the highest data protection regulations of the UK and EU. The data of our users is never stored outside of these areas. Data is not held for any longer than it needs to be. Our users can choose how long their data is stored before being deleted, and alter this further if they wish. Verify ICO Registration here


All the Opt-Out requests made on your behalf are tracked, recorded and saved securely for proof. We generate a report which allows you to fully audit and track the progress of your data removal requests. We monitor these requests and encourage you to complain about a breach so that we can leverage the issue with the Information Commissioners Office on your behalf. 

What Members Get With OptOutUK

Your personal information will be removed across the Internet and suppressed everywhere that matters from within the Direct Marketing Industry. We'll provide you with a platform so you can control and monitor your personal data from one place, 24/7. 

Run a FREE scan to find out where your personal details are displayed online or offline, and analyse what the risk factors are across a network of 400+ data broker databases.

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