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Currently, the onus is in the individual's hands to force companies to comply, and delete their personal information to prevent it from being resold, or worse, stolen. The manual process is demanding and is a huge feat for one individual to fight the tech giants alone. To stay secure, consumers must be proactive and use available tools to reduce data theft and forcing companies to delete information.

When requesting to have your data deleted the Information Commissioners Office, recommends that you follow up your verbal request in writing.

Doing this yourself won’t cost you anything. However, it can take hours to go through each Data Broker or website and remove/delete the personal information for just one person – let alone an entire family.

The Information Commissioner's Office goes in to great depth on when and how you can do this. Go to the ICO site here to read more

The OptOutUK Platform - OptOut Basic

Using this platform won't cost you anything if you want to delete your data from up to 3 Data Brokers. It saves you time and the cost of 3 stamps, protects the environment (no paper wastage) and records your request giving you clear proof of your actions, if you decide to make a complaint against the Data Broker.

If that wasn't enough this platform saves you more time, effort and money in addition to protecting the environment by forwarding your complaint to the Data Broker and the Information Commissioners Office.

Again everything is saved and securely stored in your account giving you proof of your actions. This comprehensive functionality allows you to claim compensation and gives you the leverage you need to get the Data Broker investigated and ultimately fined for a breach of GDPR Regulations.

OptOut Plus

Opting out is an intentionally onerous procedure and something that needs to be done continuously to stop your data from re-appearing.

The most effective way to protect yourself is to reduce the number of companies that store and sell your data. But who has the time, or the patience, to make hundreds of data deletion requests? Now, there is an answer. 

The managed OptOut Plus solution automatically submits removal requests on your behalf, saving time, money and the environment. We follow up to ensure compliance from over 300 data brokers every month.

This service automates the process, making it an invaluable service that costs only £5.99 a month, that's just 20 pence a day. This covers all opt-outs and deletion requests, all follow-ups, and continued coverage of new companies added to the database.

When you register with us we require a certain level of personal information to be shared with us. We only ask for information that companies require to make these requests, nothing more. You provide us with consent to act on your behalf and we confirm and promise to  never sell or share your data for marketing purposes.

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