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Stop Nuisance Calls

So You Are Over 40 Years Of Age & Get Nuisance Calls? Here's How You Can Get Rid Of Them

Data brokers, as they’re known, use your ambivalence to their advantage. They gather the information you provide via the internet and daily life, regularly. They collect your personal information from a variety of non-public and public sourced forms you fill out while shopping online, your social media, the interactions you have with public institutions (weddings, deaths, registration of your vehicles, etc.) all end up producing information about you. Is this legal? Yes!

The only centralised and least time wasting option you have is to register on the Telephone Preference Service, but the register will only be complied with if you have never consented to receive this type of direct marketing. The Information Commissioners Office advise that you must Opt-Out individually and complain about individual breaches in writing. With OptOutUK you can remove your number from  hundreds of Data Brokers gathering and processing your personal information and save a record of your actions for proof.

We built OptOutUK so that you can easily (optout) whilst going about your daily life without wasting your time. This hands-free subscription service will remove your consent automatically every month from Data Brokers that buy and sell your personal information. click here to see how it works

Stop Wasting Your Time On Nuisance Calls

Research by National Accident Helpline has revealed that as a nation we each waste two full working days a year - or a staggering six weeks  across our adult lives - dealing with nuisance calls, texts and spam emails.

The Impact Of Nuisance Calls to Your Lives

The YouGov survey of over 2,000 adults revealed just how much disruption is caused by these unwanted interruptions to our already busy lives:

  • On average we waste over 15 hours a year as a result of dealing with nuisance calls, texts and emails.
  • We waste almost 8 hours (7.72 hours) a year simply deleting spam emails, and over 5 hours (5.59 hours) through answering nuisance calls.
  • 70% of us have been interrupted by a cold call whilst doing something important - with 48% being disrupted when spending time with family and 24% during a sensitive conversation.
  • Respondents to the survey also reported being interrupted by a nuisance call during a funeral, whilst operating a chainsaw, when handling live wires and even while giving birth.

Nuisance marketing has an even more significant impact on older people in society, with retired people wasting 387 hours (more than two weeks night and day)* of their precious retirement years dealing with nuisance marketing.

What You Would Rather Do With Your Time Wasted

  • Spend time with family and loved ones
  • Relax and catching up on sleep
  • Work or study
  • Read
  • Gardening and walking
  • Watch TV

Try our Free 30 Day Trial and see for yourself how easy it can be. OptOutUK secures your personal information by using Data Encryption and transmits your request to remove your consent from hundreds of marketers, data brokers and data sellers, which will get rid of  nuisance calls.

The Opt-Out service seamlessly and continuously removes your consent automatically, from existing and newly added data sellers to the optout database, while you enjoy your time doing the things that matter in your life.

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