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Delete Your Data Footprint

Anything you do online or offline leaves a data footprint. Third parties buy this data and broker it to companies who promote their products and services to you via the internet, phone, email and mail.

Why does this happen?

The Data Brokering Industry is a data-hungry ecosystem that scours public documents, such as birth records and motor vehicle reports, to compile basic data about individuals. It is likely they already know information about your:

-Family Health
-Consumer Habits

The good news is, you can use the the GDPR as ammunition and the OptOutUK platform as leverage to delete your data footprint.

Data footprint limitation is one of the principles of data protection. What is described in article 17, “Right to erasure / Right to be forgotten” (EU GDPR, EU DS-GVO), refers to our right that our personal data must be deleted as soon as the purpose for which it was processed is either fulfilled or the consent to process is withdrawn. 

Your Privacy is at Risk

Don’t sit around waiting to get hacked or have your identity stolen. OptOutUK is a unique, pro-active service to de-risk your privacy before it’s too late.

The OptOutUK privacy management platform can remove users' data en-masse from thousands of databases across the Internet and data broker databases.

The service scrubs your personal information from companies' databases so it can not be sold or hacked. By limiting the number of places where your personal data is stored, you reduce your exposure to data breaches.

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