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A Day In The Life Of Someone Receiving Nuisance Calls

Let me tell you about a day in my life when I used to get nuisance calls and how it made me feel.

I was in the middle of a shower one day and the phone rang. I rushed to pick up because I was expecting a call from my doctor. I picked up dripping all over the floor and I was greeted by a over enthusiastic voice "Good Morning"..... I remember thinking oh no! this person is going to try and sell me something. Feeling cold, wet and annoyed I hung up without responding! 

Later that day I got a call whist I was in the middle of dinner. On answering I was greeted by a foreign voice.. "Good Afternoon I'm calling from Amazon"  I remember thinking oh no this sounds like a telephone scam, I was so annoyed that my food was getting cold, shouted at the bloke and hung up. I had totally lost my appetite, it was turning in to a bad day!

In the evening I was enjoying my favourite soap and dozing off in my arm chair when the phone rang again. Startled I thought to myself surely not another one?! I answered and it was completely silent. hello?....Well that just wrapped up my day, I went to bed deciding I would do something about these nuisance calls in the morning.

Each time my phone rang it was a waste of my time, energy and invasion of privacy. I just remember thinking I wish these people would go away.

The next day i did some research and I found out about the Telephone Preference Service. It's Free to register but still nuisance calls didn't stop because I had to remove my consent individually from every company that had my number. That's when I came across OptOutUK. They said they would remove my number from up to 200 new companies every month and send me proof of the removal request in case the nuisance calls continued. 

I have to confess I was sceptical at first and didn't sign up straight away, so I kept on getting the calls for another week. I began to get more and more frustrated and annoyed, sometimes not even answering my phone when it rang. I decided to go ahead and it was great because I stopped getting those calls within days of registering. It's well worth the £5.99 a month to keep my number off those databases.

I recommend any one plagued by nuisance calls to give this service a try.


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