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How To Opt-Out Of » Direct Marketing Lists

This is a powerful user friendly automated E-platform system designed to empower consumers to ensure they have control over how their information is used by data sellers and call centres responsible for nuisance calls and junk mail etc.

We designed it to take away the hassle of most of us having to opt-out with multiple organisations via recorded mail or E-mail and because the Telephone Preference Service doesn't stop all nuisance calls and because the Mail Preference Service doesn't stop all junk mail.

It Empowers you with the ultimate visibility on delivery and open status of valid section 11 Data Protection requests sent to organisations processsing your personal data for marketing purposes and gives you court-admissible proof of delivery and time of delivery with the exact message content.

Dedicated To Protecting
Your Privacy For Over A Decade

In cases of non-compliance it will;

» Send your complaint to the information commissioner.
» and/or make an application to the court to force the organisation to comply.

Don't know which organisations to send to?

OptOutUk's E-platform will nominate the organisations most likely to be processing you personal information for marketing purposes based on what type of marketing communications you prefer not to receive.

Who are we?

» We are a nationally recognised registered data controller and independent service dedicated to empowering and protecting the privacy of UK consumers.

» We are regulated by the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) and committed to ensure your personal data is processed fairly and lawfully.

What next?

Step 1 » Register free to choose which one of the DMA's preference services you would like to be registered with and request a permanent opt out of the edited version of the Electoral Roll.

Step 2 » Use OptOutUK's E-platform free for 60 days to exercise your Data Protection Rights against hundreds of data suppliers, call centers, PPI claims and personal injury companies. We exist to make this task quick and simple for you.

100 percent of member's report a reduction within 30 days.

Stop Nuisance Calls

Do nuisance phone calls spoil your day? Register your telephone number with and block nuisance calls, automated nuisance silent calls, pre-recorded messsages and international !

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Telephone Preference

The Telephone Preference Service is a free service backed by the Privacy & Electronic communications Regulations. It is illegal to make unsolicited telemarketing cold calls to numbers registered on the TPS.

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Compare the difference between CallBlocker and the services offered by telecom companies to block unwanted phone calls, the monthly costs involved and the limits imposed.

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